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Summer Tournament

Viewing League Tables on Website.
When viewing the team pages, You may see the League table displayed like the below image.

If this happens, you will need to "Allow Scripts or Insecure Content" ro run on your browser session.
To do this in Internet Explorer:
  1. when accessing the desired page, you will get a prompt pop up at the bottom of your screen like below
  2. Select the "Show all content" button

To do this in Google Chrome:
  1. when accessing the desired page, look to the very end of the address bar (the one where the website address is displayed)
  2. Next to the Star, you will see a "Shield" symbol
  3. Select the "Shield" and click on "Load Unsafe Scripts" (Don't worry! They are very safe, Google just cant verify that they are so calls them unsafe!)

Once these are complete, you can view the League Table and the Fixtures and Results table correctly. It should look similar to the below image:

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