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WLFC rated 'among the country's best'

Watford Ladies FC are proud to have passed their FA Annual Health Check with flying colours and have been rated once again as being amongst the best in the country.


"Congratulations - your club is among the country's best.

Thank you for completing your club's annual health check. We're delighted you have chosen to continue to deliver the highest standard of football." - The FA.

WLFC exemplary welfare & safeguarding

At Watford Ladies FC we are proud of our focus on welfare & safeguarding provide an exemplar environment which the FA have recognised.


Our welfare and safeguarding programme is built up from the ground up we strong welfare reps established in each team. These welfare reps wear recognisable uniforms displaying a hotline number for any player who might not want to speak out in the open.


All team welfare reps are linked with the club CWO to unsure appropriate escalation routes. This also enables us to cascade learning and development within the welfare rep team ensuring that upto date policies regarding welfare and safeguarding are cascaded down to every player within the club.

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